When we train others on facilitating innovation or design thinking, we customize each workshop or program for that group and their purposes. View the following clips to see how we design and lead sessions and what the participants do and say. These clips also demonstrate how we apply different virtual tools to lead innovation sessions, facilitator training and design thinking workshops. Typically we utilize Zoom or Teams along with Mural or Miro whiteboards. Most people are new to the whiteboard approach and learn quickly during our virtual workshop. Based on the needs, sometimes our focus is more on innovation or design thinking, other times the emphasis is on the facilitation and activities that people do together. Other times the focus is on technologies and tools to apply for a more innovative experience.

Reach out to us at [email protected] to share more about the kind of innovation, facilitation, or design thinking program you are seeking. You can share your “top of the mind” thoughts around:

1. WHY you might be interested in a program or workshop.
2. WHO the workshop might be for.
3. WHEN you might like to offer the workshop.
4. WHERE you might like to have it.
5. WHAT you might like people to learn or do.
6. HOW you might like the style of the workshop to be.