The ideas are endless for how you might apply AI for your creative projects or learning and development experiences. I was interested in going beyond just creating single images and wanted to collaborate to build a collection of hundreds of images of different characters on a specific topic…all created by AI.

My latest personal interest has been polar explorers and and mountain expeditions. I’ve enjoyed many Mount Everest expedition documentaries and audio books about polar exploration from the turn of the century. My idea was to celebrate, creatively document, and uniquely “credentialize” this learning journey of mine with a collection of AI created explorers. This video shows 50 of the hundreds that have been created. This collection of images could be applied in many ways…from an NFT collection to a character a participant can select in one of my expedition themed reflection and storytelling workshops.

You can try “prototyping” this activity yourself by selecting a specific theme and trying different prompts in MidJourney, Stable Diffusion, Dall-E or another AI image generation tool until you get the style of characters (and scenes) you are looking for. This could even be an interesting activity for students to do as a part of a self-directed learning project. Top it off with using AI to create an image collection.