The Chronicle of Higher Education has done what many other publications have been doing. They are publishing articles that are shining the light on the need to teach creativity and innovation to students in our educational system. This October 2010 issue featured two articles raising attention to our need for creativity to teach creativity and foster more creative college campuses.

Check out Teach Creativity, Not Memorization from Robert J. Sternberg and The Creative Campus: Time for a ‘C’ Change by Elizabeth Long Lingo and Steven J. Tepper. I am hoping that more funding will become available to create new initiatives, programs and centers on a wide variety of campuses. This is the exact interdisciplinary movement I want to help catalyze. Creativity has always been on the radar. I feel we need to take it one step further and use the language of “innovation” as well as “creativity.” We need not only creative people and ideas but our changing times require us to take action on implementing these ideas…and to develop them more rigorously. This is innovation.