I discovered an amazing website called Textalyser that helps you to analyze the frequency of keywords. This is a great tool for starting to interpret qualitative data. I am working on a research and assessment project where I am trying to identify the themes amongst 70 different documents where people are writing on the same question. I need a starting point or catalyst that tells me quickly what key words are showing up the most in the documents. Knowing this will allow me to dive deeper and see what themes exist. Luckily, Textalyser is amazing. You can either just copy in your text, upload a document, or share a webpage link and it will analyze it for you in what appears to be a split second. I did it for my ProgramInnovation webpage. I would say the keywords and frequencies that Textalyser pulled up in seconds exactly summarize what the site is about.

The words that appear most frequently being the most general descriptors of the site content and the next most frequent being more specific, almost in oder. Incredible. I couldn’t have tagged it better myself in hours. Give it a try. Would you say this quick method is pretty accurate in describing what the text is about?