Your Next Big Idea My favorite innovation articles are those that focus on which capacities we need to cultivate to become better innovators personally. Innovation processes and systems are excellent but learning how to develop our own innovation skills is truly compelling because it is personal. Plus, much of the innovation chatter in organizations now is shifting from adopting processes and systems to nurturing innovation soft skills in all employees so that a culture of innovation can be possible in an organization.

I was asked to speak at an “Innovation from Within” conference the other day. I only had two days to plan what I was going to do. If in doubt, I like to create experiential activities that allow people to do innovation work for their real challenges…and to explain the lessons and activities using stories, metaphors, and analogies. Inspiration struck at the coffee shop this morning as I read the Innovator’s DNA article from the Harvard Business Review. One of the best articles I’ve read in a long time on developing innovation. Authors Jeffrey Dyer, Hal Gregersen, and Clayton Christensen gave us great theory to build practical training activities around. I’ll be launching my new activity to introduce the innovator skills of associating, questioning, observing, experimenting, & networking!

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