Authored by Dr. Darin Eich

Cone of Learning

I like this “cone of learning” visual. I understand and remember it more because it is something I see instead of just read. It is visual. This has relevance for innovators when they are trying to advance their creations by communicating them to others. When we are communicating our concepts people will “get”, retain, and learn more if you don’t just let them read or hear, but also see… or better yet hear and see. How can you tell and story and show people your innovations?

We are hosting a webinar series where we will teach people brainstorming and concept development through guiding them practically along the stages of the BrainReactions system. We will help people hear, see, and do. Most of us are communicating our creations on the web. Instead of just text why not try letting others hear and see? It is easier now to create your own videos that can do just this. Even a short rapidly created video will increase the potency of your communication over written words. Instead of a paragraph of text about the webinar series I will use one of the communication innovation tools and let you hear and see so that at the webinar you can do to learn and create more! Take a look at what even amateur video producers can create with basic software:

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