Learn more about our group and individual certificate programs for innovators, design thinkers, trainers, and facilitators

Are you interested in receiving an innovation certification online? Innovation Learning offers two unique programs that can help you become certified to improve practices at your organization. Keep reading to learn more about these programs and why an innovation and design thinking certification would benefit you.

Individual Online Innovation Certification

Our program includes about 20 hours of training videos, tools and activities to help you learn the ins-and-outs of the innovation step-by-step process. The final product of the program is your own design thinking project that demonstrates mastery of the process. Upon completion of the program, you’ll receive a digital certificate that can be connected to your LinkedIn profile and shared online.

Learn more about the individual certification online program here.

Innovation for Groups

We can also tailor our individual innovation online course to include your entire organization, for a program anywhere between 20-200 hours. Our trainer will help you use the activities and workshop formats to fit your organization’s unique needs.

Leading Innovation: Train the Trainer Program

Are you interested in facilitating or leading innovation or design thinking at your company? Would you like to train others? Learn more about our Train the Trainer online program, designed specifically for the needs of leaders and facilitators to drive innovation throughout their organizations. The online program allows you access to specialized workshops on facilitating innovation. You will also create a unique workshop of your own that you can offer to your employees or to clients as an entrepreneur.

Learn more about the Train the Trainer program here.

Benefits of an Innovation Certification Online

Why should you get certified online? Here are a few key benefits of our program offerings:

  • Ability to go at your own pace and work whenever you want, where you want
  • Access to online tools and resources to help you grow
  • Access to a highly skilled trainer who can answer any questions you have and expand your innovation mindset
  • Highly flexible, designed for you programs altered to fit your organizations’ specific goals and needs
  • Current, best practices to leading and developing innovation at your organization, as applied to your industry’s needs

Would you like to know more about these innovation certification online programs? Please email us any questions you have. And don’t forget to check out our innovation and design thinking resource blog for more information.