is now offering a free innovation e-course in the form of 6 daily emails. Each visual email includes an activity to do in a systematic innovation sequence. E-course participants can gain a greater understanding of a systematic front end of innovation process that they can use to develop new product, service, marketing, or organizational improvement ideas.

Through reading and doing the simple activities outlined in the email over the course of 6 days, participants can also get a taste of what the Systematic Idea Generation for Innovation 4 part online workshop series is like. The free course shares a system of activities with which has been popular with 200 different organizations seeking to learn the language of innovation and innovate purposefully. This offer is valid for a limited time. You can start this e-course or the webinar series today at

This e-course is developed by an innovation program developer with experience facilitating innovation sessions for large companies, nonprofits, and new start-ups so the activities should be relevant for your organization and innovation challenge.