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What is a Reflective Practice?

Over the years I've become more interested in the power and impact of reflection in not only learning and development, but also in teaching and leadership. An attribute of my

Learning and Development Leader Challenges

At a design thinking workshop, we asked learning and development leaders about important challenges they have that they might use design thinking on during our workshop. They submitted dozens of
What Matters in this Moment Book

Catalyze and Sustain Virtuous Cycles in Groups

This is a guest article by Harry Webne-Behrman Harry Webne-Behrman has served as a facilitator, consultant, educator, and mediator for over 40 years. Along with his wife, Lisa Webne-Behrman, he served

10 Practices for Organization Innovation

Creating a culture of innovation? What are other organizational leaders doing to foster a culture of innovation within their organization and create and develop real innovations of impact? This article shares 10
design thinking organizational innovation process

Organizational Innovation

Organizational Innovation This article shares insights about what organizational innovation is, a process for approaching it, and examples for how to learn and develop your skill to innovate within organizations. If you would
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Innovation Training

See our Innovation Training video tutorials for organizations. Dozens of the most innovative Fortune 500 Companies have used our programs.
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Entrepreneur Innovation Step-by-Step

Become even more innovative and entrepreneurial with this practical system of tools & techniques. View the entrepreneur innovation video workshop program. Look over my shoulder as I generate and develop new product,
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Create Your Path

Visit for our program to help you reflect, strategize, and innovate your own professional life!
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Custom Program Development

Do you need a specific program for a specific purpose? Is there a challenge your organization is working on or specific skills you need to develop? Do you need a facilitator who
Innovation Learning

Visit as a source for the best videos from higher education institutions as well as live events.
Innovation Learning

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