New Innovation Step-by-Step Book

Basics of Idea Development Creatity Book
A new “How to Innovate” book to help you systematically create and develop ideas.

Darin Eich, Ph.D.

Darin Eich Innovation Speaker

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Facilitation Program

Help groups to learn, develop, engage, and take action with our Facilitation Teaching Program.

Large Scale Program Design & Consulting

Do you want to build an innovation, social entrepreneurship, leadership or educational program that can impact hundreds of thousands?

Are you a foundation or working with one? We can help you to design a significant program and move it into action with our program consulting.

Watch the video to see more about the Lead2Feed collaboration with USA TODAY and other foundations for an example.


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Create Your Path

Visit for our program to help you reflect, strategize, and innovate your own professional life!

Leadership Development Program Book

Find Darin’s leadership development book on Amazon!

Custom Program Development

Do you need a specific program for a specific purpose?
Is there a challenge your organization is working on or specific skills you need to develop?
Do you need a facilitator who can lead you through strategic thinking activities collaboratively?
See a Showcase program example and contact Darin about his program development and assessment help!

Workshops & Webinars

See some of the leadership, innovation, communication, collaboration, and educational interactive workshops we can do.

1:1 Professional Development Program

1:1 Professional Development Training

This is a unique professional development experience: a hybrid of individual face-to-face coaching with facilitation, and a step-by-step activity-filled online video program. It is a 1:1 blended program that helps you do much more with much less, and it is tailored to what you need to take it to the next level in your career and life. We work together to help you launch and build an innovation for the purpose you want most.

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Entrepreneur Innovation Step-by-Step

Become even more innovative and entrepreneurial with this practical system of tools & techniques.  View the entrepreneur innovation video workshop program and look over my shoulder as I generate and develop new product & service ideas step-by-step in the online video tutorials.

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Visit as a source for the best videos from higher education institutions as well as live events.